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Corkscrew Island

We create boxes full of stories, learning, and wooden machines for you to spend wonderful family moments!
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The best way to learn!

Each month, receive:

  • 1 livre d'histoire de l’Aventure sur l’Île Tire-Bouchon et ses animaux magiques
  • 1 machine en bois à assembler
  • Des notions d’apprentissage sur les sciences et l’ingénierie

Project-based learning of reading, science, and engineering

Unbox a surprise each month!

In each of our 10 boxes, we offer you a quality moment with your family! Your child aged 6 to 12 will be able to develop their skills in reading, science and engineering in addition to exercising his dexterity and his understanding of an assembly plan.

Finally, the assembled machine allows an applied and fun activity to test the acquired knowledge!


Receive each month a history book, scientific learning and a unique machine to assemble.

A great family-time activity!

Boxes for sunny days, as for rainy days!

Box #1: The Hydraulic Arm

Age: 6 to 12 years old

(Parental guidance suggested for 6-8 yrs)

Science Education

Solar energy, hydraulics, electric motors, friction, gears, elastic energy, flotation, watchmaking, aeronautics, robotics and much more!

A Magical Story

Explore Corkscrew Island, meet special characters and build machines to solve problems and advance in the story.


A complete robot, mechanism, means of transportation or invention to assemble each month!

Augmented Reality

Use your phone and our free iPhone / Android App to learn while having fun with augmented reality!

Made of birch, poplar and bass wood
Hours of assembly, play, reading and learning.
Designed and assembled in Canada

Our books now in Augmented Reality!

Download our free apps for iPhone and Android and have a magical time learning. Scientific concepts are now explained using 3D animations integrated into our story books!

Quotes from our Members


Thanks Corkscrew Island for the banana-genius activity!!! 🍌🍌
My daughter loves receiving her box every month. She looks forward to them and gets down to task as soon as she receives it! The instructions are clear and she has a great happy time! Well done !
Already assembled and used in the bath !!!
Another winning box 😁
A big thank you for your quality, diverse and fun projects.
A real success! It is frankly beyond our expectations to stimulate even more the scientific spirit of our little 8-year-old patenter!
Another successful activity from Corkscew Island!

Our Team

We are a team of Engineers and teachers driven by creativity and curiosity.
We believe in learning by doing.

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Stimulate learning through reading and craft projects

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